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Gour N* , Kanth P C, Koshti B, Kshtriya V, Shah D, Patel S, Agrawal Rajput R, Pandey MK. Amyloid-like structures formed by single amino acid self-assemblies of cysteine and methionine. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2018 Nov 1;10(3):1230-9. (Impact factor: 5.78)


ACS chemneurosciecne single amino acids.gif

Gour N* , Kshtriya V, Gupta S, Koshti B, Singh R, Patel D, Joshi KB.* Synthesis and aggregation studies of a pyridothiazole-based aiee probe and its application in sensing amyloid fibrillation. ACS Applied Bio Materials. 2019 Sep 11;2(10):4442-55. (Impact factor: NA, Impact score 4.9


ACS applied biomaterials grahical abstract.gif

Koshti B, Kshtriya V, Nardin C*, Gour N*  Chemical Perspective of the Mechanism of Action of Antiamyloidogenic Compounds Using a Minimalistic Peptide as a Reductionist Model. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2021 Jul 15;12(15):2851-64 (Impact factor: 5.78).


Acs Chemneurosciece chemical perspective.gif

Kshtriya V, Koshti B, Pandey DK, Kharbanda S, Singh DK*, Bhatia D*, Gour N*  Sequential and cellular detection of copper and lactic acid by disaggregation and reaggregation of the fluorescent panchromatic fibres of an acylthiourea based sensor. Soft Matter, 2021;17(16):4304-16. (Impact factor: 4.045)


Soft Matter Graphical Abstract.gif

Koshti B, Kshtriya V, Singh R, Walia S, Bhatia D, Joshi KB*, Gour N*  . Unusual Aggregates Formed by the Self-Assembly of Proline, Hydroxyproline, and Lysine. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2021 Aug 18;12(17):3237-49. (Impact factor: 5.78)


Proline HYp andLysine GA (1).gif

Kshtriya V, Koshti B, Gangrade A, Haque A, Singh R, Joshi KB, Bhatia D,* Gour N*  Self-assembly of a benzothiazolone conjugate into panchromatic fluorescent fibres and their application in cellular imaging. New Journal of Chemistry, 2021; 45(37):17211-21. (Impact factor: 3.95)


NJC GA.gif

Koshti B, Kshtriya V, Naskar S, Narode H, Gour N*  Controlled Aggregation Properties of Single Amino Acids Modified with Protecting Groups. New Journal of Chemistry 2022, DOI: 10.1039/D1NJ05172E.(Impact factor: 3.95)


Modified single amino acids GA.gif

Kshtriya V, Koshti B, Mehmood T, Singh R, Joshi KB, Bandyopadhyay S.D W. Boukhvalov, Reddy P.* Gour N*  A new Aggregation Induced Emission Enhancement (AIEE) Dye which Self-Assembles to Panchromatic Fluorescent Flowers and has Application in Sensing Dichromate ions. Soft Matter 2022, 18, 3019-3030.



Invited Review:
Gour N, Gazit E.*  Metabolite assemblies: A surprising extension to the amyloid hypothesis. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 2021 Oct 1;64:154-64. (Impact factor: 9.689)


Current Opinion in Chemical Biology GA.jpg


Kanth P C, Verma S K,* Gour N*  Functionalized nanomaterials for biomedical, pharmaceutical, agriculture and agri-food industry” Elsevier in “Handbook of Functionalized Nanomaterials for Industrial Applications” Ed. C. M. Hussain. 2020.


Gour N* , Upadhayaya P, Patel J. Nanomaterials as a therapeutic and diagnostic tool for controlling plant diseases. Elsevier for a contributed book on “Analysis, fate, and toxicity of engineered nanomaterials in plants” in Elsevier Book Series Ed. D. Barcelo. 2019.


Kshtriya V, Koshti B, Gour N*  Green synthesized Nanomaterials: Classification, Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications. Elsevier, USA, Ed. SK Verma and AK Das. 2021.


chem asian j..jpg


(under review in Journals)

Kshtriya V, Koshti B, Changedra B, Boukhvalov D, Gour N* Controlled Morphological Changes in Self-Assembled Structures Formed by Fmoc Variants of Threonine and Serine. DOI:10.26434/chemrxiv.14255477 Preprint 2021. (under review in Soft matter)

Modified single amino acids.jpg

Kshtriya V, Koshti B, Gour N* A New Azo Dye-Based Sensor for Selective and Sensitive Detection of Cu (II), Sn (II), and Al (III) Ions. DOI: 10.26434/chemrxiv.13708249 Preprint 2021 (manuscript to be submitted).


Koshti B, Kanth P C, Pandey MK, Nardin C, Gour N* Simple nanoparticle based assay for facile detection of amyloid inhibitors. DOI:10.26434/chemrxiv.7819661 Preprint 2021 (manuscript to be submitted).

Nanoparticles Assays.png


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Book Chapters


  • Kedracki D, Safir I, Gour N, Ngo KX, Vebert-Nardin C. DNA–polymer conjugates: from synthesis, through complex formation and self-assembly to applications. Bio-synthetic Polymer Conjugates. 2012:115-49. (5-year impact factor 6.192)


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